Exness Account Types: Standard, Raw Spread, Zero, Pro

With over 20 years of brokerage experience, Exness has developed accounts that are suitable for absolutely all traders. Here you will get acquainted and will be able to choose a suitable account for your trading from such accounts as: Exness Standard account (Standard and Standard Cent), Exness Pro account (PRO, Zero and Raw Spread). Read the article and open a suitable Exness account right now.
Exness Account
Updated: 01-05-2024

Types of Exness Accounts: Comparison table

Which of the 4 Trading Accounts should You Choose?

  • Standard Account

    Ideal for beginners and those who like to trade with ease

    Simple terms and conditions with no fees, with minimal finances. All instruments available for trading.
  • Raw Spread Account

    For cost-effective trading by experienced traders

    Lowest spreads with automated trading, predictable commissions.
  • Zero Account

    For scalping and inside trading, traders with experience

    Narrow spreads from 0 pips on major currency pairs, minimizing trading costs. Great chance to increase potential profit.
  • Pro Account

    For professionals using complex tools in trading

    Low spreads with minimal commission per lot, high execution speed for volume trading.

Standard Accounts

The Exness Standard account consists of two types - Standard and Standard Cent. Only Exness Standard account is provided for Pakistani traders. Its details are given below:

Professional Accounts

For traders with investment experience, Exness provides a number of Professional accounts which include - Raw Spread, Zero and Pro. Their terms and conditions are suitable for investors who use a variety of strategies and trading methods. Take a closer look at all three below:

Additional accounts available in Exness

Along with Exness Standard and Exness Professional account types, the broker provides Demo account, Real account and Social Trading account.

The Social Trading account is not available for Pakistani traders yet, so we will consider Demo and Real accounts:

Demo Account

Exness demo account is useful for absolutely all traders. It is available immediately after registration.

For beginners:

Demo account will be useful because it allows you to familiarize yourself with all available Exness platforms: Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, Web Terminal, as well as mobile application.

You can try out different trading options using available tools and understand the investment system without financial risks.

For experienced traders:

- It is a good opportunity to test developed strategies for trading, and check them in a simulated market environment and make sure that they are reliable and workable.

Real Account

A real Exness account is also available immediately after registration and allows traders to switch to live trading after trying out an Exness demo account. The real account has fairly loyal trading conditions, which allows beginners to smoothly transition to real trading and begin to understand it more confidently and in more detail.

If you still have questions about these two accounts, we suggest you go to the respective pages, where you can delve into all the advantages of each of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Islamic options available for all account types?
Exness provides Islamic account facility for Pakistani traders for swap-free trading. For this you need to contact the broker directly with a request to open such an account.
How do I choose the right Exness account type for my trading needs?
Choosing an Exness account depends primarily on your trading style, the tools you use, your knowledge of the markets and trading volume.

Standard account types are more suitable for traders with no experience and not ready to take risks.

Professional account types are suitable for traders with experience, high trading volumes and different techniques for using strategies.
Are there any account types specifically designed for algorithmic trading?
Exness accounts - Raw Spread and Zero accounts are better suited for this type of trading. They provide high speed of execution and lower spreads.

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