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Tired of constantly uploading and downloading apps? Want more freedom? A great investment solution would be Exness Web. The ability to use the Exness web terminal on any type of device without downloading simplifies access to the markets and makes them mobile-friendly. Just log in via your browser and start trading. Try it now and feel the difference!
exness web terminal
Updated: 01-05-2024
  • Thanks to its compatibility with PCs and mobile devices of any type, Exness WebTerminal is maximally convenient for any type of investment. Trading through a browser will allow you to always be aware of all economic changes in the market environment both on operating systems including MacOS, Windows and Linux, as well as in mobile devices, including tablets. All this without the need to download online.
  • The familiar and long-loved interface is retained in Terminal Exness, and all functionality is available and is just a mouse click away. No need to search for the necessary tool, just go in and activate it with a single click.
  • Fast switching between accounts in Exness WebTerminal will allow you to always be in favorable trading conditions in fractions of milliseconds. Lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals will not make you wait for your profit and stay always in the active investment zone.
  • Providing a high level of personal data security in WebTerminal Exness allows investors to be safe and secure without fear of cyber hacking. Stop out level and two-phase authentication with secret protection and encryption protocols increase the level of protection to the maximum, compared to other platforms.

Start Trading with Exness WebTrader

To successfully trade through Exness WebTrader we have outlined the necessary steps to help you start investing easily, read on and join Exness.
  • 1 Step
    On the exness.com website, go through the Exness registration process by filling in the required data in the form. If you are already a registered trader, just log in to your Exness personal area. Look at the pictures, we have detailed ways to register and log in.
Exness Web Pakistan
  • 2 Step
    After logging in to your Exness account, you need to open an account to trade. You can trade from an Exness demo account, which is available immediately after registration (it is good for beginners to get acquainted with online trading, platform functionality and possible strategies; for pro traders it is a good tool for testing new strategies and studying new assets).

    Those who are confident in their skills can go straight to a real Exness trading account or open a variant of a professional Exness account. The choice is yours, you can familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each type of account by clicking the button below.
Exness Web Pakistan
  • 3 Step
    After successfully opening an Exness account, go straight to trading by clicking just one button as shown in the picture.

    Thanks to the variety of Exness WebTrader markets you can trade: Cryptocurrency, Indices, Metals, Forex and many others. Choose the market that suits you and invest and make profits right now!

Set up your Exness account in the Web Terminal

No special account preparation for trading on Exness Web Terminal is required. The most important thing is to choose and open an account convenient for you with favorable conditions.
  • Exness account verification and identity confirmation
    It is not enough to open an account, to move to real trading it is important to pass profile verification.

    Confirm your identity in the profile section of your Exness account by attaching the necessary documents: photo/scan of your ID card, driver's license or ID card is required to confirm your identity. To confirm registration you can attach documents - utility receipts, registration document.
Exness Web Pakistan
After filling out the form, send it for verification, within 3 days you will receive a reply from Exness employees about the completion of the verification process. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Exness support service.
  • Exness web account deposit
    After opening an Exness account, make an initial deposit in your personal cabinet in the corresponding "Deposit" section. There are many deposit methods, use the one that suits your needs.
Exness Web Pakistan
  • Selecting the Web Terminal Exness asset for trading
    Having successfully made a deposit to your Exness account choose the asset you want to start trading with. This can be either cryptocurrency, metals, energy, CFDs, Forex. It all depends on your preferences.
Exness Web Pakistan

Main Features of Exness WebTerminal

Exness Web Trader has a number of features that will not be overlooked by traders seeking freedom in investment and wide access to economic markets.
  • Trading with Exness Web Terminal without downloading and installation
    Terminal Exness does not need to be downloaded and installed. All trading takes place online in the web browser of absolutely any device. That's a big plus, isn't it? You don't waste time installing the application and additional updates. Just register an account in Exness web and start trading without wasting precious time.
  • Exness Web Trader with functions of MetaTrader platforms
    Exness WebTrader is suitable for fans of such platforms as Metatrader 4/Metatrader 5.

    Due to the combined functionality, the ability to analyze the market and forecast positions Web Terminal Exness is comparable to these platforms in terms of trading conditions and is not inferior to them by a single step.

    Everything is in one place, without the need for additional settings and data. Try it and see for yourself!
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds via Exness Web Trader
    Using Exness Web Trader, you no longer need to go to your personal area to make a deposit or withdrawal. All processes take place directly in the Exness Web Terminal at the click of a mouse button. It is convenient and does not take extra time. Having made a profit from any asset, you can immediately transfer it to your account and enjoy the victory.

How to Trade with Exness WebTrader

For your convenience and better understanding of the structure of working with Exness WebTrader we have prepared a couple of initial steps that will help you understand how to start investing via Exness web.
  • Opening trades in Web Terminal Exness
    Earlier we have already drawn your attention to opening an account and selecting an asset for trading. Now you need to learn how to open/close trades. Just click on "New Order" and set the required trading amount. In addition, you can immediately adjust the level of stop loss or take profit. Thanks to these tools you can make a decision on buying/selling a lot.
Exness Web Pakistan
  • Customize the Exness Web Trader interface to your liking
    More convenient trading is available after customizing your Exness WebTrader profile. Use only the tools that are important and useful for you without cluttering your profile with things you do not intend to use. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently navigate the platform and react to any market changes with lightning speed.
  • Variety of markets for trading in Terminal Exness
    Don't forget to explore all available markets: CFDs, Forex, energy, indices, cryptocurrency, metals and many other available markets. You can trade all of them. but we recommend choosing the main ones to start with. This will help you not to spread your skills and finances over the available variety, but to concentrate and profit from a few. After successful trades and understanding how the market works, gradually expand your assets.
Exness Web Pakistan

Tips for Successful Trading with Exness Terminal

Tips for Successful Trading with Exness Terminal
  • 1
    Study all available training materials on working with Web Terminal Exness and on trading in general. The Exness library contains a large amount of training video courses, literature and advisors on successful trading and first steps in investments.
  • 2
    At the initial stage of investing through Terminal Exness, take advantage of Exness demo accounts. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the terminal and its functions. Choose markets from their variety, learn to understand and apply various types of strategies, and most importantly - learn to trade profitably.
  • 3
    Don't forget about Exness technical support. Thanks to it, you will always be able to find a way out of difficult and controversial situations.
Use Copy Trading and watch successful traders Exness web, taking note of their strategies and the assets they trade. This will help you develop your trading style and understand the different specifications of each of the provided markets for investment.

Why Exness

Choosing Exness as your broker you get favorable and individual conditions, quality support and convenience of work on all available platforms, but that's not all. By joining Exness Web Trader you also get:
  • Reliable protection of your personal data and the transactions you make on trading platforms, including on the Exness Web Terminal thanks to advanced security systems and the availability of Stop-out and two-step authentication.
  • The ability to trade literally at the click of a mouse allows you to always react quickly to any market changes and stay in profit.
The watch list allows you to get real-time information directly from the Exness Terminal, thanks to the convenient placement of all available Exness instruments.
  • A variety of trading accounts on Exness Web Terminal will allow you to choose favorable terms of service and stay always in the plus.
Such a wide range of opportunities for traders of different areas of trading will always allow to get an individual approach and conditions of cooperation, as well as to open additional services and tools for trading in Exness Web Trader.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exness Web Terminal?
Exness Web Terminal is an online trading platform that gives you access to over one hundred popular CFDs and markets, all online in real time and through any browser on any type of device.
How do I download and install the Exness WebTrader on my PC?
No download and installation of the platform on your PC is required to trade via Exness WebTrader. It is available online from any device via a web browser. All you need to work on the Exness WebTrader is a constant and stable connection to the Internet.
Which browsers are compatible with the Exness WebTrader?
Web Terminal Exness is compatible with absolutely any Internet browser. There are no restrictions on access to the platform.
Can I use the Exness WebTrader on my mobile device or tablet?
Of course, Exness WebTrader is available on both PC and any mobile device, including tablets.
Is it Exness WebTrader secure?
With a wide range of security features, including the latest types of data encryption, two-step data verification and stop out levels, you can have peace of mind that your personal data as well as your transactions are highly protected in Exness WebTrader.
Do I need an Exness account to use the WebTrader?
An Exness account is required to use Exness WebTrader. You can register and open an account for trading on this platform at exness.com
What features does the Exness WebTrader offer?
Web Terminal Exness gives access to a variety of market structure, as well as extensive functionality, which includes all the tools of the MT5 platform, as well as the ability to analyze the market, tutorials and a variety of charts and charting.
Can I use the Exness WebTerminal for demo trading?
Uh, sure. Exness WebTerminal supports demo trading feature without risking your capital. Just open a demo Exness account and start trading directly with it.
Where can I find support or assistance with the Exness Terminal?
You can find all questions and answers on Exness Web Terminal on the exness.com in the FAQs section, as well as by contacting the technical support hotline, writing an e-mail or by live chat, all of this on the exness.com or in the WebTrader Exness itself in the technical support section.
Is there any cost associated with using the Exness WebTerminal?
Exness Terminal is absolutely free of charge. You deposit only to the account you have opened for investing on Exness Web Trader. Deposit terms and commissions depend on the type of account you open with Exness.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions for each account in the "Account Types" section.
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General Risk Warning: CFDs are leveraged products. Trading in CFDs carries a high level of risk thus may not be appropriate for all investors. The investment value can both increase and decrease and the investors may lose all their invested capital. Under no circumstances shall the Company have any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage in whole or part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any transactions related to CFDs.

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