Exness MT5 for Web, PC and Mobile

Exness keeps up with the constant changes in the financial markets by providing investors with access to Exness Metatrader 5, the number one platform in online trading. The user-friendly interface and access to a variety of markets makes the Exness MT5 platform the foundation for all traders, and the ability to invest on PCs, mobile devices and over for web makes the Exness MT5 platform the best choice. Try it now and see for yourself!
Exness MT5
Updated: 01-05-2024
  • By switching to the Metatrader 5 Exness platform you will be able to trade via mobile devices, PCs on any operating system, as well as using the web version of the terminal. This gives you the advantage of always staying abreast of any market changes.
  • Exness MT5 is a new and improved version of the Exness MT4 platform. It provides any trader with improved tools and a lot of innovations that will undoubtedly increase your scale up your profits.
  • The variety of trading markets on the Metatrader 5 Exness platform ranging from metals, currency pairs to indices and Forex, touching on a host of other markets will allow traders to choose the right asset that will increase your profits.
  • The user-friendly interface of the MT5 Exness platform allows even a beginner to dive into investing without any special skills. It is easy to understand the functionality thanks to the availability of tutorials. If you are still thinking about starting investing - join and become a pro in this business!

Platform details

Exness Metatrader5 is a revolutionary platform equipped with most of the auxiliary tools. Its pioneering technologies in market realities make it possible to both understand passive earning opportunities and make profit forecasts for the long term. Let's consider all the pros of the MT5 Exness platform right now!
Exness mt-5 Pakistan


With the ability to access online financial markets both on PC using Windows, Linux and MacOS, via mobile version (Android and IOS), as well as online via web, from any browser - Exness MT5 platform has become a favorite in the online trading market, which is chosen by all traders in the world.

Exness mt-5 Pakistan

Account types

Exness provides exclusive conditions for traders using the Exness Metatrader 5 platform.

Exness has made sure that a newcomer to trading can easily understand the basics thanks to Exness demo account and start their first trades with Exness Standard accounts, while experienced traders get favorable conditions that will increase their profits in front of their eyes thanks to Exness Professional accounts (PRO, Raw Spread and Zero account).

Exness mt-5 Pakistan

Chart types

For forecasting and tracking the volatility of market positions Exness MT5 provides a variety of charts, thanks to which you can confidently and at the right time to sell an asset and buy it, and all this without losing your investment. On the contrary, increasing them by an order of magnitude.

Exness Metatrader 5 provides such types of charts as:

1. Candlestick

2. Chart Bar

3. Grafik Garisa

As well as a lot of auxiliary curves, which will predict any possible price rebound with high accuracy.

Exness mt-5 Pakistan

Pending orders

Exness MT5 is widely popular for its extensive ordering capabilities. They allow you to knowingly place assets for buying and selling at a predicted price that is strikingly different from the market price. You no longer have to constantly monitor asset changes, just place the desired order and you will be notified when it triggers.

MT5 Exness provides such orders that can be used by absolutely everyone:

- Market Order (Ask, Bid)

- Pending order (Buy Limit/Stop, Sell Limit/Stop, Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop Limit)

- Take Profit

- Stop Loss

- Trailing Stop

In addition to orders you can use Netting and Hedging systems.

Download Exness MetaTrader 5

You can download the Exness MT5 platform by going to the official website of the broker exness.com, as well as on the button below. For the convenience of installation, we have developed a detailed instruction that will help you cope with the installation even faster, let's get started!

MT5 for Mobile App

  • Open the Platforms section and select the Mobile section.
  • Click on the Metatrader 5 Mobile section and on the page click on one of the three buttons, depending on the type of your device.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Scan the QR code and download the app from the Store.
Exness MT5 Pakistan

MT5 for PC

  • In the Platforms section, select Metatrader 5.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Activate the yellow button "Download Metatrader 5".
  • When the file download is complete, open it and following the steps on the screen install the Exness MT5 platform.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
“For Exness MT5 to work on Linux and MacOS you need a simulator of the Windows operating system. We recommend to install it before installing the Exness Metatrader 5 platform. It can be the popular Wine or any other.”

Set Up your Exness Account on MT5 Terminal

To open an account, be a registered trader and follow the simple steps.
First, decide on the type of account you want to trade on. These can be standard or professional Exness account types.
Go to your Exness personal area and go to the accounts section.
Make sure that the open account is available to work with the Exness MT5 platform.
Click on the yellow button and go to Metatrader 5.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
Save/copy or just memorize your server and login details, you will need them to log in to the platform.
Now, depending on your device, follow the instructions below:

MetaTrader 5 for Mobile App

  • Once you have opened the application in the main menu section, click the blue "Start working" button.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Using the + button in the search box enter "Exness", select the necessary one and selecting the Server and entering the login and password press the "Login" button.
Exness MT5 Pakistan

MetaTrader 5 for PC

  • Going to the platform, in the window that appears, find the required Server, enter the login and password.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • If the window does not appear, go to the "File" section, select the "Login to Trade Account" section and enter the necessary data.
Exness MT5 Pakistan

MetaTrader 5 for Web

  • Go to MetaTrader WebTerminal in the platform section of exness.com in the web section
  • Click the yellow launch Metatrader Web button and click the Metatrader 5 tab
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Select the desired server and click on the yellow button, then accept the terms and conditions and enter your login and password.
Exness MT5 Pakistan

Main Features

The Exness Metatrader 5 platform has a number of features that appeal to all traders. We have selected the most interesting and weighty list, which will interest you and help you get acquainted with the platform in more detail:

Mobile App

Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Quick and convenient trading
    Exness Metatrader 5 mobile gives investors the ability to have an uninterrupted presence in the online markets anytime and from anywhere. This allows you to always be aware of and quickly react to any market changes. If you prefer mobile trading on the go, this is the option for you. Download and trade right now!
  • News alerts and notifications
    The ability of Exness MT5 to customize notifications at convenient hours for you, will not distract you from your main activity, but always be aware of news and current assets, so as not to miss the right moment for profit.
  • Full set of trade orders
    Despite the compact design of Exness Metatrader 5 mobile version - it retains absolutely all the same features and technologies as the desktop version, making it always easy to place the necessary orders on the right assets and enjoy profits in time!


  • MetaEditor
    Having MetaEditor in its arsenal, the Metatrader 5 Exness platform allows you to create and adapt program compilations. You can either use existing programs or create your own. This editor is written in the MQL5 language, which allows the user to easily navigate when writing and debugging programs.
  • Hedging system
    This accounting system in the Metatrader 5 Exness platform will allow you to use multiple trading positions on the same instrument, and it also applies to multidirectional positions.
    When you have an open position on an asset and you make a new trade (or a pending order triggers), a new position is opened. The existing position is not changed.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Fundamental analysis
    Fundamental analysis of the MT5 Exness platform is used to forecast changes in currency and stock quotes. Its meaning is to analyze various economic and production indicators that can affect the quotes of financial instruments.

    For this kind of analysis, the Metatrader 5 Exness platform uses the economic calendar, which publishes macroeconomic indicators - indicators of the state of the economies of different countries, and also indicates the period for which the financial report is released or the date of its release.
Exness MT5 Pakistan
  • Indicators & analytical object tools
    The essence of indicators is a mathematical transformation of prices and/or volumes of a financial instrument to forecast future price changes. That allows to reveal various peculiarities and regularities in price dynamics, which are not visible to the naked eye.
    By overlaying indicators on asset charts you can determine changes with accuracy to hundredths and independently forecast your possible profit.
Exness MT5 Pakistan


  • No downloads, no installations
    The most important feature of the Exness MT5 web platform is that there are no downloads.
    You do not waste time downloading and installing the platform, but immediately after registration go to the Exness Metatrader 5 web terminal and start mastering and trading.
  • Every symbol in one place
    The interface of the web version of Exness Metatrader 5 is organized as simple as possible. Thus, there are no masses of tabs with tools, everything is in one place and on one panel. This simplifies access, and most importantly, you can quickly react to any market fluctuations.
  • Comprehensive analysis
    The web version of MT5 Exness has a comprehensive analysis that allows you to build a forecast chart practically at the click of a mouse, place the necessary indicators and add additional curves, as well as set the necessary signals so that you will be alerted at a moment's notice.

Tips for Successful Trading on MetaTrader 5

The Exness Metatrader 5 platform has a number of features that appeal to all traders. We have selected the most interesting and weighty list, which will interest you and help you get acquainted with the platform in more detail:
  • Start by exploring and mastering the Exness MT5 platform
    This will allow you to better navigate both the program as a whole and quickly respond to any fluctuations in the markets.
  • Start trading with an Exness demo account
    A demo account will allow you not only to get acquainted with the Metatrader 5 Exness. It will also allow you to understand the fundamentals of the markets, select assets suitable for trading, and understand and hone investment strategies. The most important thing is trading without risk. You are safe in the virtual arena of the online market until you move on to real trading. But this is a big plus, in order to hone your skills to the pros.
  • Take maximum opportunities from Exness MT5 educational resources
    An extensive knowledge base, a variety of video tutorials will allow you to thoroughly understand even the minutiae of trading.

Why Exness

  • The convenience of Exness in withdrawing and depositing funds
    In addition to instant execution, Exness provides convenience of financial transactions. By supporting the possibility of withdrawal and replenishment: from a bank account, credit/debit card, or online transfer via Wallet and other services, this ensures the convenience of traders around the world.
  • Lightning fast execution of orders with Exness
    Exness has improved its structure with advanced technology so that all Metatrader 5 orders are now executed in fractions of a millisecond, which ensures traders are ahead of the market trend.
  • The "Stop-out" security version
    Do not miss the opportunity to join Exness and provide yourself with Stop Out protection when trading on the Exness 5 Metatrader. Increased volatility is not a verdict with universal Exness protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to MetaTrader 5?
Get access to Metatrader 5 using the Server data and Login in the Exness personal area. Just remember them and enter them in the Exness MT5 platform window and fill in the fields with the password from the Exness account.
How to open an Exness MT5 demo account?
You can access the demo account for the Exness Metatrader 5 platform by going to Exness personal area, go to the my accounts section and open a demo account with one click of a button. You will have $500 in your account, with which in a virtual environment you will become acquainted with the Exness MetaTrader 5 platform, as well as with the abundance of available markets and possible trading strategies.
How to download Exness MT5 for PC?
By going to the website exness.com to the platform section. This is the fastest way to download the MetaTrader 5 Exness platform. Moreover, there you will find not only the platform version on PC, but also the opportunity to download it to your mobile device.
 Exness Pakistan
You are on the website of the partners of the Exness company, when you click on any button you will be redirected to the official website of the Exness company and will be able to register.

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